I always appreciate the bravery of each person I have the opportunity to help. It can feel weird to talk about something which can seem so "basic" -- how can I be confused about how to eat and move my body?

The fact is, we are surrounded by a society that has taught us to not trust the cues our bodies give us and to not accept our bodies unless we look a certain way.

Let's work together to change that. 


Individual Nutrition Therapy

Each person who walks through my door has their own story. During our first session, we will uncover that story and put together an eating and activity history. We will talk about your goals and preferences, family history, medical history and symptoms, and eating and physical activity patterns throughout your life. Subsequent sessions will vary, based on your individual needs and goals. I seek to allow all my clients to begin to re-connect to their innate hunger and fullness cues and how certain situations, emotions, and history distort your perception of physical hunger and fullness, leading to emotional over- or under-eating. 

Family Nutrition Therapy

Sometimes, families need assistance in coming together over a meal. We will work to establish feeding and eating guidelines using Ellyn Satter's Division of Responsibility approach and exploring what is already working and what you would like to see changed. The goal: having flexibility, joy, and maybe some fun with family eating!

mindful eating

As human beings, we are wired to enjoy food -- it is part of our survival mechanism. We will begin to tap into our senses to more fully experience the food we eat, learning techniques that will allow you to develop a keener sense of hunger and fullness cues and learn actual food preferences, as opposed to obeying food "rules."

Intuitive Movement

In our society's race towards having the so-called "perfect" physique, the joy of being able to move one's body is frequently lost.  Physical "play" becomes the chore of exercise and is often aimed at weight loss, leaving no room for actual enjoyment and appreciation of one's body. We will work to uncover what activities you love, what your body wants and is able to do, and finding reasons to move aside from weight manipulation. In so doing, you can begin to experience the gratitude and freedom that comes when you discover ways you can enjoy the body in which you live. We will work in-office or in the outdoors at one of the surrounding parks in Culver City, located within walking distance of Arrive's office, and other agreed-upon local locations as indicated. 

meal or snack outings

An unhealthy relationship with food can decrease the food we allow into our life. Together, we will work to decrease anxiety and expand variety and enjoyment at local eateries, enjoying food in a social atmosphere while being mindful of the sensory and ambiance experience. 

in-home cooking experiential

Too busy to cook? Don't know how? Feel like it's a waste of time to cook for yourself? Let's have some fun cooking in your home and how cooking can be a natural part of your life that you might even start to look forward to!

Grocery store/ farmer's market experiential

Grocery stores and farmer's markets can seem overwhelming for some. For others, new ideas can arise from a hands-on, fresh perspective.  This experiential is tailored to your needs, whether that be getting a few days of groceries or a walk-through detailing the new food you can begin to add to your meal and snack-time repertoire.